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Any change done to a previously filed return and filed again is called as an amended return. Form 2290 has a check box that needs to be selected, if the user wish to file an amended return. A return can be an amended return if one of the following is done: (a) Reporting additional tax from an increase in taxable gross vehicle weight or (b) suspended vehicles exceeding the mileage use limit.

To Report the vehicles for which the taxable gross weight has increased from that reported on Form 2290 elsewhere, use amendment- Gross weight increased. When the taxable gross weight of the vehicle increases, the vehicle falls into a new category and the additional tax for the remainder of the period needs to be reported on Form 2290.

To Report increase in mileage use limit of a suspended vehicle from that reported on Form 2290 elsewhere, use Amendment- Exceeded Mileage. A vehicle becomes taxable if it exceeds the mileage use limit of 5,000 miles or more (7,500 miles or more for agricultural vehicle).