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What is 2290

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Simple Form 2290

Simple Form 2290 is an IRS-authorized 2290 e-file provider, making HVUT tax filings easier and better with the power of technology (online 2290 portal) and people (dedicated customer support team).

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Why Simple Form 2290?

Seamless 2290 Online Portal

Our Simple Form 2290 portal is easy to navigate, allowing you to complete your Form 2290 filings in just a few minutes.

Professional Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team is available from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. CST(English and Spanish Support) to assist all our clients, ensuring a satisfying experience while filing your form 2290 online.

15 Years in the Market

Since 2009, we have been in the truck tax filing business. We thoroughly understand IRS regulations and implement them in our 2290 portal as needed.

Get Your Schedule 1 Instantly

File your Form 2290 with our Simple Form 2290 online portal and receive your Schedule 1 within 2-3 minutes once the IRS approves your filings.

Bulk Filings

Upload multiple vehicles at once with our ‘Bulk filing’ option, saving you time compared to manual filings.

Data Retrieval and Security

Retrieve your Schedule 1 anytime from our dashboard, no matter how many years have passed. We adhere to stringent protocols to keep your data secure.

simple 5 steps

Just a few steps to file your Form 2290

Create your free account with Simple Form 2290
Enter your business details, select the tax year, and input your vehicle details.
Our portal calculates the fee and displays it on the dashboard.
Select IRS payment options and proceed with the payment.
Save your Form 2290 Schedule 1, which will be sent to your email.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  It’s safe to file your Form 2290 online with an IRS-authorized e-file provider like Simple Form 2290.

You can get Schedule 1 within a few minutes after the IRS approves your filing through the Simple Form 2290 online portal.

Simple Form 2290 is the cheapest yet best IRS-approved e-file provider in the United States. Though our e-file cost is as low as $7.95 per filing, we never compromise on our service. We have the best customer support team, a seamless online portal, and more.

We are an IRS-authorized 2290 eFile provider. We focus on “client delight” by providing excellent customer support, affordable pricing, an easy-to-navigate portal, special discounts, bulk uploads, and more.

Filing with Simple Form 2290 itself is a great coupon code for you. You save money on every filing by just paying $7.95 as a processing fee.

Highway motor vehicles that operate on public highways having a taxable gross weight of 55000 pounds or more are taxable which includes trucks, buses and trailers/semi-trailers.
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