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Form 2290 Coupon Code for Prefilers (For 2024)

Form 2290 Coupon Code for Prefilers (For 2024)


Form 2290 Coupon Code for Prefilers:

Pre-filing Form 2290 for the 2024-25 tax year is now available. You can avail of a 5% discount using coupon code PREFILENOW. This offer is valid till June 30th.  Schedule 1 Stamped copies will be available on July 1st, 2024. File your form 2290 online now and get the additional discount.

How to claim the Form 2290 coupon code on the Simple Form 2290 portal

1)     Login to www.simpleform2290.com.

2)     You will have to fill details like Employer Identification Number (EIN), Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Taxable Gross Weight of the Vehicle and navigate through different tabs like,

ü  Tax Year & Forms

ü  Vehicle Tax

ü  IRS Payment Options

ü  Form Summary

ü  Payment and IRS Submission

ü  IRS Confirmation(to get schedule 1)

In the Payment and IRS Submission tab, you will have the option to enter the coupon code PREFILENOW. After entering the code, you can proceed with the payment for the discounted amount.

Once submitted, you will receive your stamped Schedule 1 via email within a few minutes after the IRS accepts your Form 2290.


Hurry! A 5% discount with coupon code PREFILENOW is available only until June 30th. Use it now to avoid paying extra and save your money wisely!

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