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How to File Form 2290

How to File Form 2290


How to File Form 2290 through Paper

When a large vehicle with a gross weight of at least 55,000 pounds is driven on a highway, it is required to pay the IRS the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) through Form 2290. The money raised from HVUT taxes will go toward building and maintaining roadways.

Methods to File Form 2290 

  1. Offline filing of Form 2290 through paper manually,
  2. Efile Form 2290 through an IRS authorized efile provider like Simple Form 2290

Step-by-Step Guide on How to File Form 2290 through Paper


STEP 1: Gather all the Information

Keep all the required information to be filled in the form 2290 with you like First Used Month (FUM), Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Employee Identification Number (EIN), and the vehicle's taxable gross weight.

 STEP 2: Download the Form 2290

 Download and take the print of form 2290 from the official website of the IRS if you are filing it manually. .

 STEP 3: Fill the Information

Complete and fill up all the required information accurately in the form. This information includes FUM, VIN, EIN, Gross Weight of your vehicle, a valid U.S. postal address, street address, or foreign address on which you will receive your Stamped Schedule 1.

 STEP 4: Mail the Form 2290

 If you decide to submit Form 2290 on paper, fill it out and send it to the following location:

              If you file Form 2290 with full payment

Internal Revenue Service

P.O. Box 932500

Louisville, KY 40293-2500. 

If you file Form 2290 with no payment or credit/debit card

              Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Ogden, UT 84201-0031.

If Form 2290 is provided together with a check or money order obtained from a foreign banking institution

Internal Revenue Service

International Accounts

1973 Rulon White Blvd.

Ogden, UT 84201-0038.

You can also submit your Form 2290 with a cheque and money order if unable to pay electronically or through a credit/debit card.

 Step 5: Get Your Stamped Schedule 1

After the tax from 2290 reports is approved, paper filers will get a physical copy of the IRS-stamped Form 2290 Schedule 1 copy as verification of tax payment in a few weeks. Additionally, you must retain a copy of your Form 2290 Schedule 1 confidential for three years for an IRS audit.


Method 2: 

You can efile 2290 seamlessly with an IRS Authorized Provider. Simple Form 2290 is one of the cheapest yet highly professional 2290 service providers in the country.

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