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How to Save Time and Money by eFiling Form 2290

How to Save Time and Money by eFiling Form 2290


Though we have a manual filing option for Form 2290, choosing the eFiling option is a wise option considering its benefits.

How Time and money get saved by eFiling?

Simple Form 2290 is the IRS-approved portal for filing Form 2290 online. It has a lot of advantages and majorly it saves your time and money.

Time Saving Process:

Since the portal is simple and easy to navigate, filing becomes an effortless process. In manual filing, many pages need to be printed and mailed to the IRS. With the portal, only the mandatory information needs to be filled out, saving time. Data retrieval from the portal can be done in a few minutes as it is stored in an organized manner. In contrast, manual filing requires significant effort and time for maintenance and retrieval.

Money Saving Process:

Manual filing involves a lot of paperwork. Once the form is manually filled out, it needs to be mailed to the IRS, which incurs significant postage costs. In contrast, eFiling maintains everything online, saving both document and postage costs.

Choosing a cheap 2290 online provider is important. At Simple Form 2290, we charge just $7.95 per filing. The cost decreases as the number of trucks increases. 

Number of Trucks

Form 2290 Cost Per filing

Single Vehicle


Fleet of 2


Fleet of 3


Fleet of 4


Fleet of 5


Fleet of 6


Fleet of 7-49


Fleet of 50-149


Fleet of >150




From reading the blog, it is clear that Simple Form 2290 online filing saves both time and money. The IRS also recommends the eFiling option for Form 2290 in 2024.