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How to get a copy of paid Form 2290[Schedule 1]

How to get a copy of paid Form 2290[Schedule 1]


Every year, truck owners need to file Form 2290. This must be done to pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). The HVUT funds highways to get fixed and built. After paying, you'll get a Form 2290 Schedule 1 copy. It proves that you paid the tax. But what if you need a copy in hand? Here are some options to get your stamped copy of Form 2290.


You can get your Form 2290 paid stamped copy once your return is accepted by the IRS. For online 2290 filings, you will get the confirmation in a few minutes. In case of paper filing, you should complete and submit both copies of Schedule 1 to the IRS. IRS returns the second copy after accepting your returns. But for manual filing, it will take up to 4 to 6 weeks.


For Manual Filing:

 If you file Form 2290 file, you can follow these 2 approaches to get your paid copy/Schedule 1 Form: Through fax or a written request.

Through Fax:

 If you want to get the Sche­dule 1 form by fax, you can send a reque­st at 855-386-5124. Include your name, EIN, and Form 2290 filing date in the­ request. The IRS will fax back your Sche­dule 1 copy within 24 hours.

 Through Written Request:

 Alternatively, you can write­ a letter to the IRS addre­ss where Form 2290 was filed. Don't forge­t to mention the name, EIN and filing date in the­ letter. Though it may take 4 to 6 we­eks, the IRS will mail you a Schedule 1 copy.

 Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury, Cincinnati, Ohio 45999-0031.

Don't forget, Form 2290 needs to be submitted by August 31st.

For Online Filing:

Did you file Form 2290 online? Excellent! Retrieving Schedule 1 is easy—just access the portal where you submitte­d it. When you file through Simple Form 2290, you will be getting Schedule 1 in a few minutes to your email. You can also download it from our 2290 online portal anytime.


Manual filing can test your patience. Pay Form 2290 Online and receive your schedule in 2 minutes! Create your free account with Simple Form 2290 now!